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When Amazon Prime debuted in 2005, it revolutionized the way people shop online. It pioneered a level of convenience that customers have come to expect from all retailers, so it stands to reason that Walmart, in order to compete with its biggest rival, would launch a similar service. Walmart attempted this once before with, an e-commerce store (similar to Amazon) purchased by Walmart in 2016. According to Reuters, did not take off as planned, so Walmart decided to refocus its efforts on its own website and phase out the e-commerce site. Walmart+, which will launch in September 2020, is the company’s latest foray into e-commerce, but it provides something that does not: same-day delivery on any product available at Walmart’s physical locations, including groceries. Returns are also made infinitely easier because buyers can return purchases in-store, and the ability to use the Walmart+ app to streamline in-store shopping is another feature that distinguishes the new service from its competitors. Walmart+ members can also save money at gas stations, which neither Amazon Prime nor Target can provide. Customers who have signed up for the service can order anything from Walmart for free same-day delivery, from tech and toys to household essentials and groceries. (However, before you sign up, make sure delivery is available in your area.) When Walmart+ first launched, orders had to meet a $35 minimum to qualify for free shipping; as of December 4, 2020, that minimum has been removed, so you no longer have to worry about shipping fees. Walmart+ delivery slots are first-come, first-served, and you can order as many times as you want (even twice in one day if time slots are available), as well as track your driver’s location in the app once your order has left the store. There is no need for a signature for delivery. Members who use the Walmart app and mask up have access to the Scan & Go feature, which allows you to scan items in-store as you shop. To pay, load a debit or credit card into your app ahead of time, and then scan the QR code at a self-checkout kiosk, this step generates your receipt and allows a Walmart associate to check your ID if you bought age-restricted items. At the kiosk, you can also bag your purchases. Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept coupons through Scan & Go, so you must forego the service if you want to save money. When Walmart+ first launched, members could save up to $5 per gallon at Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations, but as of April 27, 2022, members can now save up to $10 per gallon at Exxon and Mobil stations, as well as up to $10 at select Walmart and Murphy stations and member prices at Sam’s Club fuel centers. (There are nearly 14,000 participating gas stations across the country; use this map to see if one is close to you.) Select member prices for fuel in the Walmart app and follow the on-screen instructions to unlock gas station savings. You must pay at the pump rather than inside, which means payments must be cashless (contact-free, too). There are no restrictions on how many discounted gallons you can get, and if you find yourself filling up more than once a day for whatever reason, you will always receive member prices. A Walmart+ membership costs $98 per year or $13 per month if you do not want to commit to a yearly subscription. If you shop at Walmart frequently, signing up for the entire year in advance saves you about $58 per year. You can switch between monthly and yearly memberships at any time, though Walmart does not specify whether it will refund you for the months you paid for in advance if you switch from yearly to monthly. If you’d rather try out the service before committing, Walmart offers a 30-day free trial period. If you don’t want to continue the service after the trial, it is recommended to set a reminder for yourself so that you can cancel before your card is charged. If you forget, don’t worry: you’ll have 48 hours after your paid membership begins to cancel and receive a refund. Amazon Prime, Target’s Same Day Delivery (shopped by Shipt), and Walmart+ are delivery services that are very similar with a few key differences. Some differences, such as the length of the free trial, are insignificant, but others, such as the number of products available for same-day delivery, may be worth considering when deciding between the three. Walmart+, like many same-day delivery subscriptions, is only worthwhile if you plan to shop at that retailer frequently. If you do the majority of your grocery and other shopping at Walmart, it makes sense to subscribe and save. And if you own a car that you constantly fill up with gas, saving ten cents a gallon can quickly add up, especially as gas prices across the country continue to rise. Casual Walmart customers, on the other hand, may want to avoid it. Those who are still undecided after the free trial period have the option of signing up for the monthly subscription plan. Just remember to cancel at the end of the month if you aren’t using Walmart+ as frequently as you expected.


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Web Chat

Follow these steps:

  1. In a browser, goto
  2. Pick the option labeled the chat bubble in the bottom right corner
  3. Pick the option labeled the text box and type “agent”
  4. Give the rep your account info
  5. Select “Start Chat”
  6. Give the rep your account info
  7. Advise the rep that you need to cancel
  8. Be sure to get a confirmation number or email for the cancellation
  9. Be sure to keep the email and/or confirmation info about the cancellation


Follow these steps:

  1. In a browser, goto
  2. Pick the option labeled “Sign In” at the top right corner
  3. Get logged in with email and password
  4. Navigate down on the page to locate “Manage MY Membership”
  5. Navigate down on the page to locate “Cancel Walmart+ Membership”
  6. Be sure to keep the email and/or confirmation info about the cancellation


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