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How To Cancel Your Equifax Subscription:

Equifax is a credit score report system that allows you to unlock your credit score and swipe to see your score all in one simple step. Equifax also provides educational materials to help you understand your credit reports and what they mean to you. Equifax offers a full spectrum of assistance with your credit report, allows you to set up fraud alerts on your account, helps provide options to freeze your credit report, and offers assistance in helping you understand what your credit report means for you.

Information You Need To Cancel Your Equifax Subscription:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Username
  • Password

Steps To Cancel Your Equifax By Phone:

  1. Call Equifax at 1-866-640-2273.
  2. Request to cancel and products and services linked with your account based on the information you provide them including full name, address, social security number, and date of birth.
  3. Request any refunds you may be eligible to receive.

Cancel Equifax By Phone – UK:

  1. Call the UK’s Equifax customer service line at +44 0800 014 2955.
  2. Inform them that you wish to cancel your account, subscription, and all associated products/services that are linked to that account.
  3. Provide information they request including full name, address, phone number, and answers to security questions so they ensure they are cancelling the right account.

Steps To Cancel Your Equifax Online:

  1. Log into your account at http://www.equifax.com/home/en_us.
  2. Select the “My Account” option.
  3. Under your profile click on the “Manage My Billing” tab.
  4. Click on cancel membership.
  5. Follow the prompts that appear on the screen through to the end to ensure your entire membership and any other services are all cancelled.

Cancel Equifax Via Live Chat:

  1. Login to Equifax with your Username and Password
  2. Go to Chat to cancel.
  3. Equifax representative will need your username and password to ensure they are cancelling the proper account.

Pro Tip:

Be sure to always get a confirmation that the account was cancelled. This is important in case you have issues with billing in the future, you have a way to prove that you indeed did cancel the account.

Request any refunds that you may be eligible for. You may not be eligible for it, but it can’t hurt to ask. You might find money you didn’t know you were entitled to!