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Traveling became a passion for millions of people around the world. Some of us travel just for the sake of an adventure, others travel frequently because of their professions or businesses. In any case, traveling always requires some amount of planning – and plans tend to change. How to cancel travel and accommodations that you’ve already booked without additional expenses or losses? We have all the information you’re looking for right here. 

Traveling involves quite a lot of planning and preliminary arrangements. Whether you need to rent a vehicle, register for an electronic toll collection system such as FasTrak, book your accommodation with the likes of Booking, or arrange some exciting excursions with Expedia, the process usually involves payment in advance. 

But things don’t always go so smoothly. Sometimes we have to cancel or amend our travel itineraries because of various familial issues, important professional duties, or force majeure. Besides being sad and frustrated about the whole situation, you can also end up losing the money you’ve already invested in your travel plans. 

The good news is that these losses can usually be avoided or at least minimized. How to do it? Our experienced writers are working on detailed cancellation guides that will explain every little aspect of the process in a clear, instructional manner.     

Our Top Travel and Accommodation Cancellation Guides

The travel industry involves an enormous amount of businesses from travel agents to organizers, hoteliers, and private accommodation providers. All of them apply their own set of rules, but there are also some general terms and conditions that must be obeyed by everyone and serve to protect both parties in certain situations. 

Of course, most of us don’t (and don’t need to) understand all the details of these rules and provisions. But when we suddenly want to cancel travel and accommodation reservations we’ve already booked, we can easily find ourselves feeling lost and confused. 

To spare you from tiring research and clumsy attempts, our writers are combing through the terms & conditions of all major travel and accommodation providers on the market. We’re exploring their specific rules, verifying their reachability via official communication channels, and testing how their cancellation policies work in practice. We’re also gathering first-hand experiences from other users to provide you with unbiased reviews, trustworthy instructions, and insider tips. Our goal? To help you go through the cancellation process as smoothly, fast, and painlessly as possible! 

Are you looking for some particular travel and accommodation cancellation guide? These are some of our most visited guides:

Alternatives: Looking for New Travel and Accommodation? 

Changing the dates, destination, manner of travel, or accommodation preferences? Once you’ve successfully canceled your previous travel and accommodation reservation, you should start looking for a good alternative. 

Although our platform focuses mainly on cancellation guidelines, our writers are also preparing helpful reviews, comparisons, and alternative service recommendations, that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  

All the helpful articles can be found in our Blog section. But before you immerse in reading them, check out these quick tips for finding the best alternative travel and accommodation services: 

  • Shop around: Don’t settle with the first offer. The very same hotel, rental car, or excursion can often be bought at many different prices. Online comparison tools or thorough research can help you get the service you want as cheaply as possible.  

  • Leave your door open: Illness, injury, critical family situation, force majeure – or just coming across some more advantageous offer. You never know what can change your plans and having a plan B is always advisable. Look for flexible cancellation policies.

  • Don’t get cheated: The travel industry is full of passionate, dedicated, and genuinely caring businesses that are here to help you in every situation. But there are also some less reputable companies or individuals who should be avoided. Read authentic reviews, watch out for too-good-to-be-true offers, and listen to your gut. 

Conclusion: Canceling Travel and Accommodation

Whether you’re canceling your travel plans altogether or just look for some more suitable alternatives, you should always have the flexibility to cancel travel and accommodation you’ve reserved whenever you need to. However, some of the services include various pre-arrangements and expenses at the end of the service provider, which can be applied to you in the form of a cancellation fee or penalty.

Nevertheless, most of the situations can be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. The key to success is understanding your rights and obligations, making your move at the best possible time, and going through the cancellation process properly.

We hope that our cancellation guides will help you cope with the process without any major issues. If you have any suggestions for improvement or you’re missing some particular cancellation guide on our website, we’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our free notifications or bookmark these pages – travel and accommodation providers are updating their cancellation policies quite often, so we always have some important news for you.


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