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NutraFit is a high-protein meal replacement. The product is offered by Fitness Labs. Fitness Labs was founded in 1998. The headquarters are located in Torrance, CA. The goal that Fitness Labs had in mind was to provide more natural products versus the nutritional products with added and artificial sweeteners. Fitness Labs does not use synthetic colors or aspartame in any powders. They also offer naturally flavored and Stevia-sweetened versions of the powders. For those who do not want any type of flavor or sweetness, there are powders without anything added. Instead of synthetic colors, Fitness Labs use CreaFit Creatine Transport and Pre-Workout Intensifier. Organic ingredients are used in all of their products. In the multi-vitamins, a natural d-alpha form of vitamin E is used.

NutraFit is a high-protein meal replacement that can help fuel your body. It is a shake mix that can help you build muscle and stay lean. It fuels lean muscle and provides you energy so that your body will remain strong. There are low and medium glycemic index complex carbohydrates included to help replenish body fuel and keep your energy high. There are 6 grams of dietary fiber. NutraFit includes 24 vitamins and minerals. There are no aspartame, no synthetic colors, and it is gluten-free. The flavors are sweetened with high-grade Stevia only. NutraFit comes in creamy vanilla, dark chocolate, strawberry swirl, and natural vanilla. To use NutraFit, you should add 2 level scoops of powder to 2 cups of cold water, milk, or juice. Then, stir or blend until it is smooth. It should be taken once daily in the place of the meal, between meals, or before or after workouts.

NutraFit is $36.99 per bottle. Recurring shipments may also be available. If you would like to cancel NutraFit, follow the cancellation instructions on this page.

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