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We have faith in an earth where snacks have to do more than just get you over your afternoon glucose fall. That is why we strive to design and gain wellness by building high-quality, great-tasting snacks with functional advantages. Our goal is to offer savory, healthier snacks right to your front door. We’re dedicated to developing immensely tasty snacks composed of easy, high-quality ingredients. Our promise to you is that we won’t cheat into arriving at that commitment by loading our snacks with sugars, salts, fats, or preservatives. We actively hold to an authoritarian list of absolutely unacceptable product ingredients. We’ll never waiver from our promise to you. No fake ingredients, No corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils, no MSG, and less than 10g of glucose. We comprehend that everyone’s snacking roam is distinct. Several individuals are simply looking for savory, healthier alternatives to those middle-of-the-aisle grocery store snacks with a laundry list of untouchable ingredients. Other people may be taking the next step, actively seeking out snacks that offer functional advantages in their daily regimen. Whether you’re just trying to snack smarter, would like to construct wellness into your daily routine, or just desire to indulge with less guilt, NatureBox has you covered. We cautiously design, taste, adjust, and taste again until we’ve perfected each snack to be both savory and great for you. For almost ten years we’ve been proudly offering noteworthy tasting, original, greater-for-you snacks to our subscribers. In 2019, we took a step behind and began thinking about how to take snacking from better for you to good for you. We’d been hearing more about adaptogens, commonplace plant compounds with an array of helpful effects, from aiding cognition to regulating emphasize hormones. Nowadays, we provide the greatest collection of adaptogenic snacks in the industry. From our Elderberry Fruit Chews for strengthening prerogative to our Banana Maca Bites for that additional boost of power, we’re transforming mindful snacking into functional snacking. Over the years, we’ve encountered a radical shift in how we work, along with the significance of both physical and mental health. Firms are seeking aesthetic and meaningful ways to bewitch both their in-office and distant workers. By offering employees simple and available permission to greater for-you snacks, SnackPass adverts a healthier lifestyle and boosts morale. Numerous industries have worked with us to incorporate SnackPass into their corporate wellness or perks programs. NatureBox is creating a personalized meal shopping encounter online that caters to the consumer’s taste and dietary preferences, By building its line of products, NatureBox means to construct a multi-channel and multi-category sign in the meal industry. NatureBox represents customers in all 50 states. The firm has partnered with WhyHunger to aid offer nutritious meals to the millions of Americans who go voracious. Through WhyHunger, the firm is working straight with community organizations, emergency meal providers, and summer meal programs for low-income kids. Previously, NatureBox donated over 150,000 meals to Feeding America. NatureBox has over 500,000 fans on Facebook and receives over 450,000 visits per month. NatureBox is located in Redwood City, California, United States and NatureBox has raised $58.5M. NatureBox is a snack membership company that allows you to join and get discounted prices on healthy, good-for-you snacks that are delicious without artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. The company also prides itself on having several vegan and gluten-free options so that everyone can enjoy a great snack. For just $5 per month, NatureBox subscribers have permission to hundreds of snacks(with more always included in the web page roster). What separates NatureBox from the snacks you see at your local grocery store? The firm is committed to making its snacks healthy and nutritionist-approved, that is to say, they have no fake flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and there exist tons of vegan and gluten-free features for individuals with dietary sensitivities or preferences.


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