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The Basics: How to Cancel Your Membership at the YMCA


The YMCA is an international organization founded in 1844 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. There are 1000’s of gyms located across the world and are an excellent low-cost option for students, families, and seniors. The monthly price for a family membership is $55, $43.75 for seniors, and $19 for full-time students up to age 25.
You may decide to put your membership on hold for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months during a 1-year period with a 15-day written notice in advance of the EFT processing date. A monthly fee of $10 will be charged during the duration.
If you’d like to cancel your membership entirely, you must do it through Member Services because cancellations are not accepted over the phone. A 15-day written notice is required prior to the next EFT processing date.

  1. Visit your local member services representative at your gym with a notification of your intention to cancel your membership.
  2. Obtain signed confirmation that your YMCA membership will be canceled.
  3. Follow up: Just to be on the safe side, be sure to double check a couple of days after cancellation so you don’t have any surprise recurring charges because someone “forgot” to handle it. There’s no need for another in-person visit. A simple call should do the trick.

Pro Tip: √ A 15-day written notice is required to cancel your membership at the YMCA.  Be sure to include all essential information, including your membership number, on the notice.

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