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The Basics: How to Cancel Your Contract at Atlanta Fitness


Atlanta is a chain of gyms located throughout Georgia that offers a variety of fitness options including personal trainers, group fitness, cardio cinema, cardio and weight machines. Like many gyms, the contracts can be lengthy and may involve an agreement to pay fees that may not be so obvious until you read the contract thoroughly. Be sure to read the fine print and look for such terms as ‘startup’ fees and ‘annual rate guaranty’ fees. You need to start by thoroughly reading your Membership Agreement with the gym to determine the length of the membership, the termination or cancellation policy, and whether it will be necessary to reach out directly to ABC Financial. Follow these practical steps for additional help:

  1. Read Your Contract: Always read your contract before signing, and most importantly, the clauses regarding canceling your membership. This will save time and frustration down the road.  
  2. Gather this essential information: type of account held through Atlanta Fitness account address, account number, the reason for cancellation, personal information used for billing (phone, email, address, date of birth), a copy of your recent bill, the credit card used for billing.
  3. Once you’ve read your contract and gathered the essential information, call Atlanta Fitness customer service at 888-827-9262 to inform them that you’d like to terminate your membership. Be sure to ask when the contract will end, if there is a past due amount, and when the next bill is scheduled. Because your billing is handled by ABC Financial, you’ll be instructed to contact them as well.
  4. Ask ABC Financial for exact instructions on how to cancel your membership. Do they require notice in writing or by email? If so, be sure to request exactly what information they require in this correspondence, who it should be addressed to, and the exact address (email or by mail) to send the request.  If they need a written notice by mail, send it via certified mail. Be sure to request a written confirmation that your request has been received. If they do not require a written request, be sure to get the representative’s name and ask them to send you a confirmation by email that they have canceled your contract.
  5. Follow-up before the next billing cycle to ensure once again that the contract has been canceled.
  6. Be sure to closely check your next bank or credit card statement for any possible erroneous activity.

Pro Tip: √ Send written requests by certified mail and always request written confirmation that your contract has been canceled.

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Billing Descriptors

A billing descriptor is the description of transactions that appear on your credit card statement. They are meant to help you positively identify your card transactions by including information about the date of each payment and the company from which it was purchased. These descriptors are associated with ABC Financial.

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