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Winc is a California-based winery co-founded by sommelier Brian Smith. WINC is a popular wine subscription service. Based in California, WINC helps each member discover new types of wines via their palette profile, suggesting new wine options that suit the customer’s taste. Each wine shipment contains background information and the history of each wine bottle, educating the consumer. WINC’s standout feature is its Palate Profile. The Palate Profile quizzes new members about their favorite types of wine. WINC then uses this information to select the wines that users will enjoy the most, while introducing new wines that slightly deviate from the Palate Profile, allowing the subscriber to discover new wines may also enjoy. The Palate Profile consists of a handful of flavor-related questions, packaged like a familiar Buzzfeed-style quiz. The Palate Profile questions relate to flavors like saltiness, mushrooms, berries, citrus flavors, and more. The Palate Profile quiz will take users about a minute to complete. WINC’s goal is to educate the subscriber about various types of wine, along with introducing them to new varieties. Winc has produced more than 664 wines from 78 grape varieties and 97 regions across 12 different countries. You may see some of these wines also sold at Whole Foods, Vons, and Kroger stores. Winc uses subscriber data and ratings to decide what to produce next, so you will see a lot of bottles that line up with emerging wine trends. Each month WINC will send you a selection of wines. You can provide feedback about which wines you enjoyed, which helps WINC better select bottles that suit your tastes. It is like WINC learns about your wine preferences through trial and error, and ultimately they hope to provide a continual selection of wines that you will love. When you order four bottles of wine per month, WINC provides the shipping for free. The cheapest WINC membership option is three bottles of wine per month for $39 plus $9 for shipping, for a total of $48. WINC offers free shipping for four bottles of wine or more, so the next option is four bottles of wine per month for $52. Because of the free shipping, it’s like you get an extra bottle of wine for only $4 more which makes this a popular option. WINC’s third subscription option is five bottles of wine per month for $65. For the cheapest WINC pricing option, you would spend $576 per year, to receive 36 bottles of wine. Subscribers can select from a variety of wine types, including red, white, rose, and even vegan. WINC subscribers have the option of upgrading to one or more bottles of wine that are $20 or more, which would change the subscription price for that month. Members can save 10% on orders of more than 12 bottles of wine. If a member invites someone to become a member, the members can receive up to $30 in credits after the new members complete their first order. Members also have the option of saving up to $100 by purchasing member credits. Your monthly box includes three bottles, and you can add as many additional bottles as you would like. Shipping is $9 for orders of three bottles and free for any order larger than that. There are also regular discounts to take advantage of. Anyone can order wines to be delivered at any time, but you will get special discounted pricing if you become a member. On the 16th of every month, you will be charged $59.95 and receive credits to buy four bottles of wine. Any unused credits can be rolled over, and you can always skip a month. If you prefer even more flexibility, we recommend skipping the membership and buying wine from Winc whenever you want. You will still be able to take and update your Palate Profile to receive recommendations. Winc typically delivers your wine within a week of receiving your order, though the service is not immune to the shipping delays currently sweeping the country. It is also important to note that someone 21 or older must be home to sign for the wine. Carriers will not leave packages unattended under any circumstances, even if a signature is on file. There are a few solutions though, such as signing up for text updates on your wine’s delivery status, scheduling a pickup time at your local FedEx, or shipping your order to your leasing office or place of work. Since Winc ships alcohol, there are some areas where it cannot be delivered. This is due to certain states having laws or limitations on shipping wine directly to consumers. If you live in Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Dakota, or Utah, you are unable to sign up for Winc due to these restrictions.


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