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About Nintendo Switch Online

Nobody likes feeling forced to purchase multiple subscriptions, but sometimes they are a necessary evil. With the Nintendo Switch, the subscription service known as Nintendo Switch Online is the only way for gamers to access online play. It’s far better priced than the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold plans, at just $20 per year, or $4 per month, or $8 for three months. That subscription plan grants access to online play, cloud saves, and occasionally, a selection of free games for subscribers. One issue with the Nintendo Switch Online plan is that it only applies to one account holder at a time. People who own multiple Switches or share an account between multiple individuals will have to pay $35 per year to include up to eight family members. Otherwise, they will have to use one account holder’s Nintendo Switch Online membership to play their games online. Fortunately, Nintendo games are the most offline-friendly of the three main console makers, so gamers don’t need to access online play for every game. Yet, many Nintendo titles have online multiplayer features, so the service is still essential for those players. Nintendo’s online features have been gradually improving as well, with recent releases such as Animal Crossing, Mario Strikers: Battle League, and Switch Sports all taking advantage of this service. Even if you do not have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, there are still plenty of free-to-play games you can enjoy, such as Fortnite and Fall Guys. If you have multiple Nintendo Switches, cloud game saves come in handy, as they allow you to switch from one console to another and continue to play your game. However, only one Switch can be used offline at a time. For those seeking more content from Nintendo, the NES and SNES classics apps are great alternatives. Both apps contain a large selection of games, and many of them can be played online. Nintendo Switch Online offers a few free games for its members, but it does not compare to the number of titles offered by other subscription services such as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. For those looking to upgrade from the original Switch, the new OLED version offers improved performance and graphics. It is also possible to transfer game save data between systems, even without cloud saves. Overall, there are plenty of options for those not willing to pay for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Free-to-play games, the NES and SNES classic apps, and the possibility to transfer game save data can all provide plenty of entertainment, while also allowing you to upgrade your Switch to the latest model. The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is an additional tier of membership for the Nintendo Switch Online service that comes with some extra perks. It includes the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis retro game collections, both of which contain some excellent titles such as Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Sonic 2, and Phantasy Star IV. While the games are great and include built-in game save features, they are not worth the extra cost of the Expansion Pack unless you’re a die-hard N64 or Genesis fan. The Expansion Pack also comes with some extra DLC content, such as the Splatoon 2 expansion, additional Mario Kart 8 Deluxe courses, and Animal Crossing extras. These add-ons are a nice bonus and can be purchased separately for about $25 each. The Nintendo Switch Online Service provides additional benefits such as cloud backups, the ability to try specific games for free, exclusive games such as Tetris 99, and discounts via coupons. All of this combines to make the service worth the price. Its great value for the money and the content offered makes it well worth the investment.

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