Law Depot

If you’re having trouble cancelling on your own, you can also try this online cancellation service:



Law Depot is an online service that provides free access to thousands of legal documents. The service has everything from rental agreements to wills to family law and business forms. The forms are easy to fill out thanks to a step by step program that will prompt you through each step of the form. With a free account, users can fill out and save their forms online. However, if users need to print or download the forms they will need to purchase a Law Depot subscription. This subscription will allow users to buy the license to the forms that they need. There are many subscriptions to choose from including monthly and annual plans. Law Depot is a great way to fill out and create legal documents and avoid spending money on legal fees. If you have found that you no longer need your Law Depot subscription there are three easy ways to cancel. We have outlined the steps below.

Cancel by Phone:

  1. Contact Law Depot at 1-855-231-8424.
  2. Ask a representative to cancel your account.
  3. Ask for a confirmation number.

Cancel Online (With Login)

  1. Visit the Law Depot website.
  2. Log into your account by choosing “sign in” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Choose “my account”.
  4. Click “Subscriptions”
  5. Follow the online prompts.

Cancel Online (Without Login)

  1. Go to the Law Depot help page. To do this you will need to go to the Law Depot home page, select “help” and then choose “help center”.
  2. Scroll to “How do I cancel my subscription?”.
  3. Choose “Cancel my subscription”, then “Cancel without sign in”.
  4. Follow the prompts to finish the process.

Pro Tip: If you are interested in trying out Law Depot risk-free, the company provides a free one-week trial. Be sure to cancel your account before the end of the trial period if you want to avoid being charged the cost of renewing your subscription.

Company Information:
Phone: 1-855-231-8424
Address: 340 S Lemon Ave. #9644 Los Angeles, CA 91789