If you’re having trouble cancelling on your own, you can also try this online cancellation service:

HomeAdvisor.com is a digital marketplace connecting people with local service professionals to complete home improvement, maintenance, and remodeling projects. The company was founded in 1998 by Rodney Rice and Michael Beaudoin. The headquarters are based in Golden, Colorado. There are also offices in Illinois, Virginia, New York, Indiana, Denver, and Colorado Springs. The company was first known as ServiceMagic from 1998-2012 but rebranded to HomeAdvisor in 2012. The company is currently owned by InterActive Corp. In the fall of 2017, HomeAdvisor merged with Angie’s List and formed ANGI Homeservices. The current Chief Executive Officer is Brandon Ridenour. ANGI Homeservices operates 10 brands, including HomeAdvisors, Angie’s List, mHelpDesk, HomeStars (Canada), MyHammer (Germany), MyBuilder (UK), Werkspot (Netherlands), Instapro (Italy), and Travaux.com (France).

HomeAdvisor can help connect you with professionals who are skilled in various fields, including plumbing, siding, remodels and additions, lawn care, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, heating and cooling, flooring, roofing, maids and cleaning, carpeting, cabinetry, tile and stone, fences, driveways and patio, appliances, and more. Each professional goes through a screening process. HomeAdvisor makes sure the technician is licensed and trained to complete the service. There is also a criminal record search conducted. HomeAdvisor searches for bankruptcy filings, liens, and state-level legal judgments. Lastly, HomeAdvisor verifies the identity of the business owner/principal.

HomeAdvisor charges the businesses/technicians an advertising fee. Advertising fees vary depending on service offered and location. With them charging the advertising fee, users are able to use the service for free. There is a free mobile app to make the search easier. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store. If you would like to cancel your HomeAdvisor account, follow the cancellation instructions below.

First, get together the following pieces of information, you will need them in order to cancel.
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Billing Address
ZIP/Postal Code
Reason for Cancellation
Last 4 Digits of Card
Date of Last Charge
Amount of Last Charge
Next, use one of the following contact methods and steps to complete your cancellation.
Cancel by Phone (Live Agent)
  1. Contact customer service at 877-947-3639
  2. Advise the rep that you need to cancel
  3. Give the rep your account info
  4. Be sure to get a confirmation number or email for the cancellation
  5. Be sure to keep the email and/or confirmation info about the cancellation
Company Information
Address 1: 14023 Denver West Pkwy
Address 2: Bldg. 64
City: Golden
State/Province/Region: CO
Zip/Postal Code: 80401
Country: United States
Phone 1: 303-963-7200
Phone 2: 877-800-3177
Phone 3: 303-980-3003
Email 1: [email protected]
Email 2: [email protected]
Email 3: [email protected]
Twitter Url: https://twitter.com/homeadvisor
Facebook Url: https://www.facebook.com/HomeAdvisor
Main Site Url: https://pro.homeadvisor.com
Help Site Url: https://www.homeadvisor.com/help/faqs/
Terms Of Service Url: https://www.homeadvisor.com/servlet/TermsServlet
Privacy Policy Url: https://www.homeadvisor.com/rfs/aboutus/privacyPolicy.jsp