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About ESO Plus

The initial question that customers who are interested in Elder Scrolls Online ask is whether the game is free. It isn’t, but it is very inexpensive! Then they usually inquire about the cost of a subscription. The good news is that ESO Plus is not required to play the game. The bad news is that it’s such a significant improvement in quality of life that it feels mandatory if you’re playing for an extended period. There is a free trial that gives you a taste of what the membership has to offer, and many people find it difficult to return. Is ESO Plus, however, worthwhile? Let’s go over the advantages one by one. A one-month subscription is $15 per month. The 3-month subscription is $42. The 6-month subscription is $78. The annual subscription is $140. All memberships are charged every month. Let’s be honest. Bag space is always a major concern in every MMO on the planet. Usually, you want to carry more than the game allows. When you’re interested in crafting and furnishing, this is a huge problem. Both require substantial resources, each of which requires its slot in your bank or backpack. A few inconvenient trips back to a banker will be an annoyance at first. However, you will eventually run out of space and realize there isn’t much room for anything other than crafting materials. If this describes you, purchase ESO Plus for the Crafting Bag. This is by far the most important benefit. It will contain every crafting material in the game. This includes dozens of different types of wood and ore, reagents and solvents, runes and glyphs, and anything else you can think of. Mine easily has 200 or more unique item stacks. It’s simply not possible to keep everything without an ESO Plus subscription unless you have a fully upgraded backpack and bank. At the moment, there are 14 paid DLCs available in ESO. Buying all of them (without any bundles or discounts) would cost 29,000 Crowns, which is more than $150. You can also keep your ESO Plus subscription active and gain access to all of them except the most recent yearly expansion. Before you buy any of them, try ESO Plus and explore the older content Bethesda has released. If you enjoy it, renew your subscription and consider purchasing the most recent expansion. You might want to hold off for the time being. Bethesda will make Elsweyr free as part of the membership when Greymoor, the 2020 expansion, is released later this year. However, the new classes, Warden for Morrowind and Necromancer for Elsweyr, are not part of the ESO subscription. The standalone classes are available in the Crown Store for 1,500 Crowns. Elder Scrolls Online, like most other MMOs, relies on cosmetic purchases to keep the game afloat. There are numerous items to purchase, such as mounts, costumes, and time savers. However, many players use their monthly allotment to purchase the game’s DLC. They can then cancel their subscription once everything has been purchased. They should have plenty of storage space by then and can do without the crafting bag. You receive 1,650 Crowns (worth slightly more than $15) each month, effectively making ESO Plus free if you were already purchasing Crowns. Just keep in mind that longer subscription bundles include the Crowns. You only receive new Crowns when your subscription is renewed. This one is less significant than the other two, but when ESO Plus is active, you have double your normal bank space. That’s a nice improvement in quality of life. It also helps to justify the exorbitant bank upgrade costs. In total, you can pay slightly more than 750,000 gold for 170 additional slots. ESO Plus doubles that to 340 additional slots, giving you a much more comfortable maximum of 480 bank slots. In short, ESO Plus grants you 10% more experience, 10% more XP toward leveling your crafting skills, and 10% more gold from missions, chests, and so on. You also get a 10% faster research buff on crafting traits. These take a long time to complete – up to months in real-time – so it does add up over time. If you’re a big fan of player housing, this might be more of a deal for you than it is for me. Even with ESO Plus, the crafting limit is relatively low. Each home includes a furnishings cap, a trophy cap, and a collectibles cap. The other two can be doubled while the trophy cap is in place. The fact that the largest homes have furnishing caps of only 350 total items makes things difficult for players who like to include a lot of small household items. Even with a subscription, housing fans frequently complain about the cap is too low. As a result, ESO Plus is regarded as a must-have for those involved in the housing industry. While Elder Scrolls Online has an outfit system where you can display armor pieces over the actual armor you’re wearing, changing your outfit costs money. Costumes, on the other hand, can be worn and removed at will. However, you cannot dye them like traditional armor unless you are an ESO Plus member. That’s a nice little perk, but it’s not worth subscribing for just that. This one doesn’t matter at all for new players. I’ve played the game for nearly 500 hours and have never transmuted anything. Don’t be concerned about this until much later. Finally, Crown Store has monthly deals that make purchases a little less expensive. However, the options are limited, so this is equivalent to an extra teaspoon of sugar and not much else. While Bethesda may promote “free items” as one of the benefits every month, every month since the change has featured a statuette and nothing else. Overall, ESO Plus is one of those experiences that you can’t undo. When you have it, you usually become addicted to the convenience and value it provides. Just don’t spend all of your Crowns at once. Purchase an assistant or something.


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