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Cloudflare, Inc. is an American content delivery network and DDoS mitigation company, founded in 2009. It primarily acts as a reverse proxy between a website’s visitor and the Cloudflare customer’s hosting provider. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. According to The Hill, it is used by more than 20 percent of the entire Internet for its web security services. Cloudflare was founded in July 2009 by Matthew Prince, Lee Holloway, and Michelle Zatlyn. Prince and Holloway had previously collaborated on Project Honey Pot, a product of Unspam Technologies that served as some inspiration for the basis of Cloudflare. From 2009, the company was venture-capital funded. On August 15, 2019, Cloudflare submitted its S-1 filing for IPO on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock ticker NET. It opened for public trading on September 13, 2019, at $15 per share. In 2020, Cloudflare co-founder and COO Michelle Zatlyn was named president, making her one of the few woman presidents of a publicly traded technology company in the U.S. Cloudflare has acquired web services and security companies, including StopTheHacker (Feb 2014), CryptoSeal (June 2014), Eager Platform Co. (December 2016), Neumob (November 2017), S2 Systems (January 2020), Linc (December 2020), Zaraz (December 2021), Vectrix (February 2022), and Area 1 Security (February 2022). Lava lamp wall in Cloudflare’s San Francisco offices (2021). Since at least 2017, Cloudflare has been using a wall of lava lamps in its San Francisco headquarters as a source of randomness for encryption keys, alongside double pendulums in its London offices and a Geiger counter in its Singapore offices. The lava lamp installation implements the Lavarand method, where a camera transforms the unpredictable shapes of the “lava” blobs into a digital image. In 2014, Cloudflare began providing free DDoS mitigation for artists, activists, journalists, and human rights groups under the name “Project Galileo.” More than 1,000 users and organizations were participating in Project Galileo as of 2020. In 2017, they extended the service to electoral infrastructure and political campaigns under the name “Athenian Project.” In December 2020, Cloudflare released a beta Jamstack platform for front-end developers to deploy websites on Cloudflare’s infrastructure, under the name “Pages.” In January 2021, the company began providing its “Waiting Room” digital queue product for free for COVID-19 vaccination scheduling under the title “Project Fair Shot.” Project Fair Shot later won a Webby People’s Choice Award in 2022 for Event Management under the Apps & Software category. Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy for web traffic. It supports web protocols including SPDY and HTTP/2, QUIC, and support for HTTP/2 Server Push. Cloudflare provides DDoS mitigation services that protect customers from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. In 2010, Cloudflare launched a Content Distribution Network (CDN) service. TechCrunch wrote that its goal was to be “a CDN for the masses”. In 2017 Cloudflare launched Cloudflare Workers, a serverless computing platform for creating new applications, and augmenting existing ones, without configuring or maintaining infrastructure. It has expanded to include Workers KV, a low-latency key-value data store; Cron Triggers, for scheduling Cron jobs; and additional tooling for developers to deploy and scale their code across the globe. On September 25, 2019, Cloudflare released a freemium VPN service for mobile devices called WARP. A year later, beta support for macOS and Windows was released. As of 2020, Cloudflare was providing DNS services to over 100,000 customers. In April 2020, Cloudflare announced it was moving away from using Google Recapture in favor of its capture alternative.” In November 2020, Cloudflare announced Cloudflare for Teams, consisting of a DNS resolver and web gateway called “Gateway,” and a zero-trust authentication service called “Access.” On May 11, 2022, Cloudflare announced its first SQL database, D1, which is built on SQLite. On September 26, 2022, Cloudflare announced Zero Trust SIM, an eSIM designed to secure mobile devices and prevent SIM-swapping attacks. The technology is based on the zero-trust security model. According to Cloudflare, the secure eSIM can also be used as a second identification factor with 2FA verification protocols. The product will be first available in the United States, with a planned global rollout in the future. In September 2022, Cloudflare began to test Turnstile, an alternative to CAPTCHA. The product, instead of presenting a visual CAPTCHA for the user to solve, automatizes the verification process by conducting JavaScript-based checks inside the browser to determine whether the user is a real person or an automated entity. The algorithm reportedly uses machine learning to optimize the process. Cloudflare offers 4 plans. They are free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The free plan is for personal or hobby projects that aren’t business-critical. The Pro plan is for professional websites that aren’t business-critical and is $20 per month, billed monthly. The Business plan is for small businesses operating online and is $200 per month, billed monthly. The Enterprise plan is for mission-critical applications that are core to your business. You will need to contact sales for pricing for the Enterprise plan.


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