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What if the best diet isn’t even a diet? What if the diet game changer is a mobile app based on psychology? Noom, an app that encourages daily behavioral changes for long-term weight loss, has made this audacious promise. Let’s put the word diet aside for a moment. Noom, as opposed to a traditional diet, is a mobile health app subscription service that encourages people to make behavioral changes to live a healthier lifestyle. Noom is not a new concept. It first appeared in 2008 as a basic fitness and calorie tracker. However, by 2016, the app had incorporated a psychology and behavioral change component, as well as user support groups and personal coaches. Noom has a team of behavioral health experts who studied oncology, diabetes prevention and management, hypertension, and other topics to create a curriculum that addresses the root causes of weight loss struggles. Noom dieters learn to prioritize their mindset over their meals. “Once you determine the things you’re ready to work on, your mindset will help you form new neural connections over time to change your habits,” according to the app’s philosophy. Today, losing weight the Noom way entails examining eating habits, managing food-related emotions, practicing accountability, and implementing lifestyle changes that can result in long-term weight loss. Starting the Noom diet plan entails answering questions that no other diet plan has ever asked. The program begins with a 10-minute online quiz that asks standard questions about your height, weight, gender, age, and why you want to lose weight. It also inquires as to how physically active you are, how frequently you eat, and whether you are predisposed to certain health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, or depression. Then, to assess habits and behaviors, questions such as “Have any life events led to weight gain in the last few years?” and “Why are you uncertain about hitting your weight loss goals?” appear. You must download the Noom app once you’ve decided to join the program and paid the fee. It is currently only available on iPhones (12.4 or later) and Android phones (version 6 or later). It is compatible with iPad and Android tablets, but its functionality is limited because tablets do not typically include motion sensors (Noom has a step counter). After installing the app, you’ll be prompted to sign in with the email address you used to register for the program. Noom expects you to complete 10 mini-lessons in psychology and behavioral change over 16 weeks. You immediately decide whether you want to devote a minimum of five minutes to a maximum of sixteen minutes per day to the lessons. After about two days, you’ll be assigned a goal coach who will personally contact you about twice a week to check in, inquire about your progress, and send motivational messages. You’ll be assigned a group coach and a peer group after a few more days in the program. The peer group coach moderates the chat, posts weight loss tips, and occasionally responds to individual posts. Both the goal coach and the group coach are Noom-trained and have either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, as well as 2,000 hours of wellness experience. Your calorie restrictions are based on the information you provide. Noom’s diabetes prevention program, the first mobile health program recognized by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for delivering an evidence-based type 2 diabetes prevention program might be recommended for some obese and pre-diabetic people. Your personalized plan assigns a daily calorie budget (the minimum number of calories required to function each day) and requires you to track your meals and physical activity daily. You can also choose to devote two to ten minutes per day to reading short articles on positive thinking, mindful eating, and stress relief. On top of that, Noom has a step counter, so as long as you have your phone with you all day, you’ll know how many total steps you took. The app encourages you to record your daily blood pressure, glucose levels, and water intake. The Noom plan is designed to last 16 weeks, but you can purchase up to a year at a time for weight loss and maintenance. When you log your foods, the app informs you of the number of calories remaining in each food category for the day. While Noom offers a free one-week trial, a subscription can cost up to $59 per month. Each plan is unique, and the duration of the program is determined by the amount of weight you want to lose. There is no advertised price for losing five, ten, or fifteen pounds because you are quoted prices based on your personal goals. However, it is obvious that the longer you sign up for Noom, the greater the monthly discount.


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