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One of the more well-known free blogging platforms is Medium. The site includes amateur writers as well as well-known writers for major media outlets. Medium writers are compensated through the platform’s Partner Program, which allocates funds based on total article read time. The site is popular among bloggers because it is free for writers, does not require web design or technical expertise, and has beautifully formatted posts. Ev Williams founded Medium in August 2012. Williams coined the term “blogger” and was instrumental in its popularization. Medium is, in many ways, a natural extension of Williams’ previous companies, Blogger and Twitter. Medium makes it incredibly simple to create and publish content of any length. Medium is one of the Internet’s most popular blogging and digital publishing platforms. With a sleek and minimalist design, it allows anyone to easily create and publish a blog post. Medium is popular among writers due to its Partner Program, which allows writers to be compensated for articles published on the platform. On Medium, anyone can write. Amateur authors have the opportunity to collaborate with professional authors. All authors can write for free on Medium. Comedian and TopPub provide a comprehensive list of all publications created. These two platforms both list and organize Medium publications. If you’re looking for a filtered list of actively run publications whose editors will not waste your time, Active Publications is the place to go. Active Publications is a list of current Medium publications that accept article submissions. Authors can also launch their Medium publication. Some writing tools that are beneficial to both new and experienced Medium writers. The Blogging Guide course is a low-cost and extremely useful resource for writers learning how to make money with the Medium Partner Program. Medium Article Capitalization Tool is a tool created specifically for Medium writers who were having trouble with proper article capitalization (which affects, among other things, your ability to be curated on Medium). Simply enter your title or subtitle, and their tool will format the capitalization to ensure it adheres to Medium’s expected style. If you want a comprehensive list of Medium publications, Smedian is a must-have (and free) tool. Smedian has one limitation in that it displays all Medium publications, not just the most active ones (many are inactive and do not accept article submissions). Active Publications is a Medium publication that showcases hundreds of Medium publications that are actively seeking writer submissions. While it is by no means exhaustive, it is a good place to start. One of the most common grievances among writers is a lack of knowledge about how to effectively promote their articles outside of Medium. This is particularly true of social media platforms like Twitter. PenSignal addresses this issue by tweeting links to your articles at predetermined intervals. The Medium Writing Facebook Group is a place for Medium writers to talk about the ins and outs of writing and monetizing content on Medium. There are several Medium writer Facebook groups where anyone can join. Medium calculates writer payments based on the amount of time Medium paying subscribers spend reading an article, which is referred to as member reading time. The medium then pays writers a percentage of the $5 per month subscriber revenue. Writers who have longer member reading times are compensated more. Recently, Medium launched a new compensation program that provides tiered bonuses to top-earning Medium writers. Medium writer salaries range from $0 to over $40,000 per month. These top-earning writers, on the other hand, usually have large followings on the platform or consistently create viral content. Although Medium and Substack have overlapping user bases, each platform’s offerings are quite distinct. Bloggers can use Medium to easily create, publish, and monetize their blogs. Users can use Substack to create a subscription-based email newsletter and charge readers for access to this content. Discover the distinctions between Medium and Substack. Bloggers can publish content to the Medium platform. WordPress enables bloggers to create their self-hosted websites or blogs. While creating your self-hosted blog takes more time and effort, it gives users more freedom in designing the layout and customizing the features available on their blog. Discover the distinctions between Medium and WordPress. Medium was founded to host long-form content. It functions as both a platform and a publisher. To entice readers to subscribe to its vast array of content, the content is housed behind a metered paywall. Quora is designed to be a question-and-answer website. It does not erect a paywall, but it does erect an ad wall to entice readers to sign up and become users. Ad revenue is how Quora makes money. Discover the distinctions between Medium and Quora. Medium is a blog post publishing platform. Amazon KDP is an eBook publishing platform. Learn more about Amazon KDP publishing opportunities.


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