If you’re having trouble cancelling on your own, you can also try this online cancellation service:



The Basics: How to Cancel Your membership is an online social networking forum for users aged 19 and older. The platform enables users to interact with each other across various sites to share stories, photos, and videos. The company strives to provide a vibrant online space for meeting new people.

All paid subscriptions automatically renew for the timeframe originally authorized during account creation. You must cancel your subscription at least three days (72 hours) prior to your next billing date to avoid being billed for the next cycle. If you purchased your subscription with your iTunes account, confirm the required cancellation date within the iTunes “Terms of Use” as it may be different.

If you no longer wish to remain a member, you may cancel your subscription at any time by following one of three methods:

Cancel by Phone:

  1. Call customer service at 1-800-489-6091
  2. Provide the customer service representative with your Screen name and email address.
  3. Be ready to provide information from the credit card on file to confirm cancellation of automatic billing.
  4. Request an email confirming your membership has been cancelled.

Cancel by Email:

  1. Send an email to [email protected]
  2. Enter “Request to Cancel My Subscription” in the subject line
  3. Include your profile information (screen name and email address).
  4. Request an email confirmation that your account has been cancelled.

Cancel Online:

  1. Go to and login to your account with your email and password
  2. Click on your Profile Picture in the top right corner
  3. Click “My Settings” in the drop down menu
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Remove account” at the center of the page
  5. Click “Continue”
  6. On the Removal page, enter your password
  7. Select the option “Remove my profile, contacts, and personal information”
  8. Click “Continue”
  9. Select a reason for cancelling
  10. Click to Confirm you want to cancel your membership
  11. Enter your email address to receive a cancellation code
  12. Click “Continue”
  13. A cancellation code will be sent to your email address within one hour. IMPORTANT: this code is only valid for 24 hours
  14. Upon receipt of this code, login again to the website
  15. Repeat steps 2 through 5
  16. On the Removal page, enter the cancellation code

Pro Tips:

  1. Remember to cancel at least three days prior to your next billing cycle to avoid further charges.
  2. If cancelling by phone, note the name of the customer service representative and the day and time you called.
  3. If cancelling online, take a screenshot of the cancellation confirmation page.
  4. Try logging into your account a few days after your account has been cancelled to ensure it is no longer active.
  5. Under United Kingdom consumer contracts, if you are a resident of the UK, you have the right to cancel your agreement within 14 days of creating your account and receive a pro-rated refund.

Company Information
Phone: 1-800-489-6091
Mailing Address: Together Networks Limited, 19, Giovanni Curmi St, Lija, LJA 1071, Malta