If you’re having trouble cancelling on your own, you can also try this online cancellation service:



The Basics: How to Cancel Your Membership at eHarmony


EHarmony is an online dating service founded in 2000 in Pasadena, CA with headquarters now in L.A. It was designed for serious singles seeking long-term relationships or marriage. Their matching process was optimized through a research lab that is called eHarmony labs. The eHarmony concept originated with Neil Clark Warren, an author, clinical psychologist and a marriage counselor with 35 years experience. Warren developed a ‘compatibility model’ that is now the basis of the company’s matching process. The theory is that certain characteristics can predict compatibility.
EHarmony’s process is different than most dating sites in that it involves a very high cost of entry by requiring each member to complete an initial questionnaire that can take over 18 hours to complete!

EHarmony offers a free trial but only gives you a 3-day window to cancel so be sure to take this with a hands-on approach to prevent automatic billing on day 3. There are no refunds given after that 3-day window has passed. Follow these steps to cancel your membership online:

  1. Log into your eHarmony account
  2. Click on My Settings
  3. Click on Account Settings
  4. Select ‘Cancel My Subscription’ and follow the steps
  5. Send an email to and request that they delete your information

Pro Tip: √ Just to be on the safe side, be sure to call 844-544-3179 and speak to someone personally about canceling your membership. Let them know that you canceled on line. Ask if there is anything else you need to know.

Company Information

Phone 1: 844-544-3173
Phone 2: 844-696-4819 cancellations
E-mail 1: [email protected]
E-mail 1: [email protected]
E-mail 3: [email protected]
Address: Attn: Cancellations
Alternate Address: P.O. Box 3640
City: Santa Monica
State: CA
Zip: 90408

Billing Descriptors

A billing descriptor is the description of transactions that appear on your credit card statement. They are meant to help you positively identify your card transactions by including information about the date of each payment and the company from which it was purchased. These descriptors are associated with

EHARMONY.COM 800-965-7082 CA
EHARMONY.COM 844-544-3176 CA
Payment to