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There are hundreds and hundreds of websites filled with news information today. From local news all the way up to national news, there is always something exciting going on. But in today’s world, we’re all about convenience. But how inconvenient is it to have to sort through story after story of news that we don’t really care about to just get to a few news stories that we do care about. This is where flipboard.com comes into the picture. They offer a highly personalized selection of news for you to sort through. So if you could really care less about what President Trump is up to but would like to see the latest fashion trends, then they have an option for that. Or vice versa! They sort the news stories by featured, technology, news, entertainment, design and health. So whether you are just wanting to see the latest in news or wanting to see the latest in cooking, they have the story for you. The convenience of this online news site is free and you can sign up via your facebook or just create a login. The great thing about Flipboard is it puts together your favorite news source as well as offers you new social content and organizes all of this on one single site. No longer will you have to visit fox news, your local news, and your favorite blogs to get all the same amount of information. This is a single place to find quality news that interests you. So if you are tired of sorting through story after story and wish there was an easier way, well now there is! Check out flipboard.com. It is basically like the Pinterest of news stories!


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