If you’re having trouble cancelling on your own, you can also try this online cancellation service:

For only $39.95 a month Cubismfun now offers to its customers personalized unlimited streaming of books, games, movies, and music! The service, which allows customers to stream anywhere and anytime, works on any web device at any time of the day.

On top of customers being able to stream favorite books, games, movies, and music at a moment’s notice, Cubismfun customers are also allowed to queue future streams. Even when someone is offline, they are able to benefit from the monthly subscription to the streaming service, Cubismfun. It is one of the perks that a customer can utilize through their personal profile. The streaming provider also offers a fully integrated user interface and ensures that streamers are able to easily get back to their favorite books, films, games, and songs.

All of the streaming content is HD ready through the personalized streaming service. This allows the customer to stream the way that the stream is intended to be heard and/or seen.

Although the company is based on out of the UK in London, the service is a global option. Customer service agents stand by ready to tackle any issues customers may have through a customer service department that operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Customer services agents can be reached by email or phone.

Beginning on the day a customer signs up, Cubsimfun deducts the $39.95 from whatever card the customer uses to sign up. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted for the monthly streaming service that provides unlimited access to books, games, movies, and music. If you no longer want the subscription and wish to cancel continue reading below.

First, get together the following pieces of information, you will need them in order to cancel.
First Name
Last Name
Amount of Last Charge
Date of Last Charge
Last 4 Digits of Card
Reason for Cancellation
ZIP/Postal Code
Billing Address
Email Address
Phone Number
Next, use one of the following contact methods and steps to complete your cancellation.
Cancel by Phone (Live Agent)
  1. Contact customer service at 1-888-982-9686 or 1-302-483-7701
  2. Advise the rep that you need to cancel
  3. Give the rep your account info
  4. Request a refund, it never hurts to ask
  5. Be sure to get a confirmation number or email for the cancellation
  6. Be sure to keep the email and/or confirmation info about the cancellation
Company Information
Address 1: Kemp House
Address 2: 152 City Road
City: London
Zip/Postal Code: EC1V 2NX
Country: United Kingdom
Phone 1: 1-888-982-9686
Phone 2: 1-302-483-7701
Email 1: [email protected]
Main Site Url:
Help Site Url:
Terms Of Service Url:
Privacy Policy Url: