BistroMD vs Nutrisystem: Which Dietary Meal Delivery is Better?

When it comes to weight-loss programs, dietary meal delivery services are among the most popular options. Today we’re going to compare and discuss two programs you’ve probably already heard about: BistroMD vs Nutrisystem

These programs have a lot in common. Both of them are designed to help you lose weight safely and gradually while being beneficial for your health too. Both of them are also very convenient, especially for those who don’t have enough time, energy, or skills to prepare their own dietary meals. So how can you know which one is better for you?

Today we’re going to focus mainly on the differences between BistroMD and Nutrisystem programs. We’ll compare their food quality, size portions, tastiness, prices, and how easy or hard it is to cancel your membership. We hope we’ll provide answers to all your curious questions and help you make the best decision.  

Main differences between BistroMD and Nutrisystem  

The main differences between BistroMD and Nutrisystem are:

  • BistroMD has larger portions, whereas Nutrisystem meals sometimes resemble snacks in size.
  • BistroMD meals are more gourmet and fresh, whereas Nutrisystem offers mainly comfort food and highly processed meals.
  • BistroMD is more expensive and charges for shipment, whereas Nutrisystem is cheaper and offers free delivery. 
  • BistroMD can be canceled weekly, whereas Nutrisystem applies penalties if canceled before the second month.

What is BistroMD

BistroMD is currently one of the most popular weight management programs in the U.S. The company was founded by Ed and Caroline Cederquist, husband and wife, or “The Foodie” and “The M.D”, how they affectionately call themselves. Having their own experiences with weight issues while growing up, they decided to create a weight-loss program that would not only be effective, but also genuinely enjoyable. 

BistroMD works as a classic delivery system, where you sign-up for some plan, customize different features, and follow the guidelines divided into several steps. Similarly to many other programs, the goal is to stick to approximately 1200 calories per day, which eventually leads to losing 1-3 pounds per week.  

What makes this program really unique is its focus on truly tasty and enjoyable meals. If you’re hesitating to sign up for a weight-loss program because you can’t imagine eating some bland, tasteless products, this might be your best choice. But BistroMD is also great for people with various health conditions or special dietary preferences – it offers diabetes-friendly, gluten-free, or even menopause-friendly weight-loss plans that will suit anyone.  

What is Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is one of America’s oldest and most renowned weight-loss programs. It started as a small chain of advisory centers back in the early 1970s, but quickly expanded into a large network of weight-management services offered all over the country (it’s available even in Canada now).

Just like many other weight-loss plans from the same class, Nutrisystem provides its subscribers with complete doses of pre-made meals that should cover most of their daily intake. The goal is to transform your eating habits and replace “bad” carbs, trans fats, and other potentially harmful ingredients with healthier nutrients.   

Nutrisystem is a 28-day program that consists of several phases – first introduces relatively drastic restrictions, while second and third slowly re-introduce a more relaxed routine while maintaining the core changes you’ve adjusted to before. The meals can be chosen from different menus (depending on your plan) and cover most of your all-time favorites – there’s even some healthier version of different comfort foods. All of these meals come in frozen or shelf-stable state, so you really only have to heat them and eat them.  

BistroMD: Main Features

BistroMD is popular because of its tastefulness, satisfying portion sizes, and high customizability. These are the factors that can help you decide whether BistroMD is your best choice:

Plan options 

With BistroMD, you are basically allowed to customize your weight-loss plan from scratch. Firstly, you must select your preferred program. There are five dietary options: standard, gluten-free, diabetic, heart-healthy, and menopause. Depending on the program you choose, you will be able to select your meals from the dedicated menus, which are created by experienced dietary chefs.

Once you’ve selected your program, it’s time to choose your plan. For each program, there are four options, that differ in the number of meals per day and the number of days per week. Now you’ll be able to create your personalized menu from over 150 delicious entrees to make the weight-loss process as fun and enjoyable as possible.   


Meals delivery programs are always built around the concept of convenience and effortlessness. The idea is to provide you with everything you need and help you maintain your healthy diet easily even if you’re living a fast and busy lifestyle. 

Most of the meals you receive from BistroMD can be finalized in less than 5 minutes, and your regular shipments will come right to your door every week.  


If you need support, BistroMD offers assistance via different communication channels. There is a phone line, an email address, and there are also professional dieticians available for consultation whenever you need their help.      

Long-term effectiveness

Unlike many other weight-loss programs, BistroMD offers very colorful and unrestrictive meals including various snacks. Many users claim that this helped them reinvent their dietary habits effectively even after they finished the program. 

Of course, like with every diet, some number of customers will eventually experience the yo-yo effect – they will lose some pounds during the program itself, but gain them again after it ends. This possibility can never be completely ruled out, but BistroMD is definitely far from some of the drastic fad diets you might have tried before. 


BistroMD is a subscription-based service, but its cancellation policy is quite relaxed and user-friendly. The only rule is to place a hold or cancel your next order within the given deadlines. New customers have time until Sunday at midnight (ET), or immediately after they receive their first week’s order to cancel their second week of meals. For all future weeks, the deadline remains Wednesday at 5PM, prior to your next week’s order.


Reviewers usually appreciate the quality, quantity, large variety, and delicious taste of BistroMD meals. In comparison with other similar programs, customers are also pleased with various possibilities to customize your plan with this company. Customer support reportedly works very well and dietary counselors are always at hand.

Some of the reported downsides include incidents with miss-matched orders, and some of the customers would appreciate more vegetarian options on offer. The higher price of this plan also makes some customers wonder, how cost-effective this program really is.    

Nutrisystem: Main Features

Nutrisystem is probably one of the first weight-loss programs you have thought about when you decided to try this kind of service. What makes it so popular and renowned? Here are some of its key features: 

Plan options 

Once you create your Nutrisystem account, you will be asked to fill a simple form, which will serve as a basis for your future weight-loss plan. But don’t worry, even though Nutrisystem isn’t the most customizable program on the planet, you still have many important choices in your hands. 

There are four basic plans and two gender-specific versions for each of them. Each of the plans represents a different number of daily meals you will receive. The basic one comes with a simple kit of pre-selected meals. The more you’re willing to pay, the better and more colorful are your meal choices.  


Nutrisystem is great for anyone who lacks the skills or time to make their own dietary meals. All you have to do is place your order, and you will get all your meals in convenient, pre-prepared doses. These cover approximately 60% of your daily nutrition. Just heat your meal up and add some fresh vegetables for your perfect Nutrisystem lunch/dinner. 

These meals are either shelf-stable or frozen, and focus around low-carb, low sodium, and high-fiber ingredients. 


Nutrisystem provides a complex support system. There’s a telephonic support available more or less anytime you need it, but there’s also a highly responsive email support, or even the app chat, which is very convenient when you’re constantly on the run. Nutrisystem also offers personal consultation with some of its numerous experts. 

Long-term effectiveness

Unlike many sensational fad diets, Nutrisystem is promoting a healthy and safe approach to weight-loss. This program can help you get rid of some 1-2 pounds per week (the recommended pace by experts), but more importantly, it can trigger a long-term change in your lifestyle and dietary habits, which can help you maintain your new weight longer, ideally permanently. 

The crucial moment comes when you stop receiving your orders and have to rely on your own, locally available sources of nutrition. Many people fall into their old tracks relatively fast, but others are able to follow Nutrisystem’s principles and succeed in the long run. 


Nutrisystem takes cancellation policy quite seriously. If you decide to quit the program between the second week and the second month of your membership, you will be charged a $125 cancellation fee. 

On the other hand, once you sign-up for your first order, you have 14 days to decide, whether you like the program or not. You can even return unopened meals for a full refund, if you’re not happy with what you get. We’ve created our own Nutrisystem cancellation guide, which provides all the important details.  


Nutrisystem is very popular among many different types of users. Most of them appreciate its convenience and claim to achieve very good results in the course of the recommended 28-day timeframe. While most of the reviewers are generally happy with the quality and taste of Nutrisystem’s food, some of them state the portions are too small, which eventually forces them to cheat. 

Some of the users are concerned with Nutrisystem’s strict cancellation policy, while others experienced some botched up orders and confusion about the total costs of their plans.  

BistroMD vs Nutrisystem – Pros and Cons

  BistroMD Pros

  • Tasty and healthy meals with weekly delivery 
  • Many options to customize your plan
  • Nice variety of meals to choose from
  • Easy and painless to cancel 

BistroMD Cons

  • More expensive than the competition
  • Not many vegetarian options

Nutrisystem Pros

  • Healthy and gradual weight-loss 
  • Well-balanced diet with many nutrients
  • Cheaper than the competition

Nutrisystem Cons

  • Food is mainly highly processed 
  • Portions are too small for many clients 

BistroMD vs Nutrisystem – Pricing


Whichever of the five BistroMD programs you choose, you can sign-up for four different types of plans. Currently, you can take advantage of 25% discount on each of them (terms and conditions apply, learn more details on their official website):

  • Full Program 7 Days (now only $142.46/week): 7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 6 Dinners + “My Night” as a structured break from the program
  • Full Program 5 Days (now only $119.96/week): 5 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 5 Dinners
  • Lunches & Dinners 7 Days (now only $119.96/week): 7 Lunches, 7 Dinners
  • Lunches & Dinners 5 Days (now only $97.46/week): 5 Lunches, 5 Dinners


Nutrisystem provides slightly different plans for men and women. As a result, you can choose from 8 different plans with different prices:

  • Basic (women $10.18/men $11.61 per day) – Basic kit with preselected meals
  • Core (women $11.07/ men $12.50 per day) – Possibility to choose from the menu
  • Uniquely yours (women $12.50/men $13.93 per day) – More food variety + tastier frozen meals
  • Uniquely yours + (women $13.93/men $15.36 per day) – Best food choices + protein shakes

Nutrisystem offers various price reductions and promotions that can decrease the program’s costs quite significantly. You can find all of their latest offers on the official website.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Maybe you feel that dietary meal delivery might not be the best solution for you. Here are some interesting alternatives:  

Trim Down Club

The Trim Down Club (TDC) is a relatively new online diet program, which was started in 2012 to help its members lose weight. Unlike the meal delivery schemes we have discussed today, TDC teaches you how to make your own healthy meals, which can be subsequently enjoyed by your entire family. This unique concept lets you create a personalized meal plan. With your membership you’ll also get access to the TDC’s large community, online chats, and forums, which provide a nice social aspect. 

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a popular international program that attracts users with its holistic approach and relatively free, easy to follow schedule. It can help you lose approximately 1 to 2 pounds per week, and the best thing is, that no kinds of food are really off the limits with this diet – all you have to do is stick to the recommended SmartPoints system, which is fun and original. Weight Watchers offer various programs with the most basic one starting at only several dollars a week, so this is also a budget-friendly choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About BistroMD and Nutrisystem 

Is exercise needed on Nutrisystem or BistroMD plans?

Exercise is not an essential part of any of these programs. Nevertheless, experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, and Nutrisystem does provide workout suggestions to those who want to make the whole process even more effective.

Should I use any supplements while I am on some of these plans?

Supplements and vitamins are recommended, as they help your body cope with the new routines more easily. Good supplements can help you feel strong and full of energy even when you downsize your intake of calories.

Is it normal to feel hungry on these diets?

Many users of dietary plans initially feel hungry, because they are used to much bigger portions and/or frequent snacks between their meals. But if this feeling lasts longer, you should consider upgrading your plan or changing the program completely. Hunger will sooner or later discourage and demotivate you.  

Our Verdict: BistroMD vs Nutrisystem 

Nutrisystem is a sophisticated, modern weight-loss program with many advantages. It’s affordable (especially in comparison to some competitors), relatively easy to follow, and it brings reliable and healthy results. But if you ask me if I’d prefer it over the BistroMD program, I would say no.

BistroMD is a state-of-art program that tackles many of the issues people usually have with weight-loss plans. It provides tasty, colorful, and realistically sized meals that almost make you forget you are on a diet. I personally know several people, who order BMD’s meals for a completely different reason (health issues, too-busy-to-cook etc.)

What I really like about this plan is its variability. I could find many appealing meals on the menu, and they all tasted pretty good in reality too. The weight-loss effect with this program is rather gradual, so don’t expect a miracle over the night. However, the slower the transition is, the longer it usually lasts, so I don’t think this is a problem.

On several occasions, I had the opportunity to communicate with the BistroMD support, and they all were really helpful and professional. The only real downside for me with this program is its price. But if you’re lucky to catch some of their discounts, I wouldn’t hesitate.


Achieving your weight loss goals can definitely be one of the biggest accomplishments in your life. We hope this article helps you pick out the weight-loss program that will help you along the way. And if it eventually doesn’t work out as you’ve imagined, don’t let it discourage you. Most of the people who fight weight issues don’t succeed on their first, neither their second attempt. 

However, if you feel like you’re currently subscribed to a weight-loss program that just doesn’t do it for you, don’t waste your time and cancel your membership before you lose even more time, money, and energy. Our dedicated cancellation guides can be found right here.