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The Basics: How to Cancel Your Hotmail Account


You’ve decided to delete your Outlook email account which was formerly known as Hotmail. Because Hotmail, Windows Live, and Outlook are not considered Microsoft accounts, you can’t close your Hotmail account without closing the entire Windows Live.  This cannot be done from a mobile device so you’ll have to be on your laptop or desktop to do so.

To cancel Hotmail:

  1. To delete your hotmail account go to your browser and in the address bar type in Outlook which will take you to the sign in page where you need to enter your hotmail email address and password.
  2. When you’re signed in to your email account, go the upper right and click on username and click on “Account Settings”
  3. This will take you to the Microsoft details of your Hotmail account which is the same as your Microsoft account.
  4. On the left-hand panel, click on security & password.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the link that says “Close My Account”
  6. Check on all of the boxes and then select a reason for closing.
  7. Click on the blue box icon “Mark Account for Closure”  
  8. Be sure that you are not signed in with any other devices.
  9. Press the blue box icon “Done” and the account will be closed in 60 days.
  10. You can cancel the closure and reopen your account by signing back in within 60 days.

Pro Tip: If you’ve marked your account for closure, you’ll no longer be able to recover the account after 60 days and you will lose access to any Microsoft service that is account was used to access.

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Billing Descriptors

A billing descriptor is the description of transactions that appear on your credit card statement. They are meant to help you positively identify your card transactions by including information about the date of each payment and the company from which it was purchased. These descriptors are associated with Microsoft Hotmail.

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