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The Boston Globe is also sometimes referred to as just The Globe is a daily newspaper located in Boston, Massachusetts USA. The paper was created by Charles Taylor in 1872 and was privately held by the Taylor family until 1973, and later sold to the New York Times in 1993 then sold again in 2013 to John W Henry who also owns the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC sports franchises. Boston Globe Media Partners, the company behind the publication of The Boston Globe, also maintains multiple websites including covering news and information about Boston, which publishes a love advice column,, BetaBoston covering technology industry news for the area, and Stat which covers medical and life science news particularly focused on biotechnology in and around Boston. The Globe is the 25th most read paper in the US as of 2016 with a total circulation of 245,824 from September 2015 through August of 2016.

The Globe offers both home delivery and digital-only subscription options. Home delivery starts at $7.17 per week for 7 day delivery for the first 16 weeks, doubling to $14.34 per week after 16 weeks, delivery on Saturday and Sunday only including a digital subscription for $4.75 per week for the first 16 week doubling to $9.50 per week after 16 weeks, Saturday and Sunday delivery only for $3.75 per week for 16 weeks doubling to $7.50 per week after 16 weeks, and Sunday delivery only for $2.50 per week for 16 weeks, doubling to $5.00 per week after 16 weeks. Digital only subscriptions are available at a cost of $0.99 per week for the first 4 weeks billed for one month in advance for a total of $3.96. After the first month, digital subscriptions are billed at $6.93 per week billed monthly for a total of $27.72 per month. Subscriptions do not have a contract and can be cancelled at any time by the subscriber using the instructions found below

First, get together the following pieces of information, you will need them in order to cancel.
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Billing Address
ZIP/Postal Code
Reason for Cancellation
Last 4 Digits of Card
Date of Last Charge
Amount of Last Charge
Last 4 Digits of Account Holder’s Social Security Number
Next, use one of the following contact methods and steps to complete your cancellation.
Cancel by Phone (Live Agent)
  1. Contact customer service at 888-694-5629
  2. Advise the rep that you need to cancel
  3. Request a refund, it never hurts to ask
  4. Be sure to get a confirmation number or email for the cancellation
  5. Be sure to keep the email and/or confirmation info about the cancellation
Cancel by Login
  1. In a browser, goto
  2. Navigate down on the page to locate your subscription(s)
  3. Tap on the cancel subscription button for each subscription you wish to cancel
  4. Your account will be cancelled and your subscription stopped at the end of your current billing cycle
Company Information
Phone 1: 888-694 5623
Phone 2: 888-694-5629
Email 1: [email protected]
Twitter Url:
Facebook Url:
Main Site Url:
Help Site Url:
Tos Url:
Billing Descriptors
A billing descriptor is the description of transactions that appear on your credit card statement. They are meant to help you positively identify your card transactions by including information about the date of each payment and the company from which it was purchased. These descriptors are associated with Boston Globe
  • Boston Globe Subscri(888)MY-GLOBE MA
  • Boston Globe Subscription
  • Boston Globle Subscr(888)MY-GLOBE MA