All Star Fitness Membership

Allstar Fitness is located in many locations in and around Seattle, Portland, and Tacoma. Chances are you’ve joined the fitness company with some incentive such as a free trial, or 7-Day guest membership. If you’re now stuck in a month to month membership and would like to cancel your account, you may be in for a hassle.

One customer explains his struggle to cancel his membership on He says, “Allstar Fitness is a ripoff. They make it extremely difficult to cancel, when it should be way easier when the reason is within contractual guidelines. The economy is really bad, right now, so when a customer is dealing with a new job and a huge move, the last thing they want to deal with is something of this nature for no warranted reason.”

If you’re looking to cancel your All Star Fitness membership it may not be as easy of a task as you would think. CYM has rated this companies cancellation policy as DIFFICULT. We recommend letting the experts at CYM save you the time and hassle of canceling your membership by letting us do it for you.